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Are there any extra fees?

There are absolutely no additional or hidden fees for our RVs. We do not charge document or prep fees! Please consider this when comparing prices. If you are an Iowa or Illinois resident, we collect tax, title and registration fees. If you will be registering in any other state, you will be responsible for your state's tax, title and registration fees. We NEVER require any other purchases or upgrades to qualify for our low prices nor do we require you to finance your purchase with us.

Will you take less than the listed price or add extra equipment at no charge?

Our listed prices are the absolute lowest. We feel this makes a better buying experience and everyone will pay the same low price!

Can you help arrange delivery?

We can arrange delivery, the current transport rate is $1.65 per loaded mile (one way) for delivery to the contiguous United States. This rate is subject to change at any time as fuel prices fluctuate. You may estimate transportation costs here. You might also check for better rates. We are not currently delivering into Canada due to broker requirements, we can rendezvous on the U.S. side of the border however. We will provide the required bill of sale, no-recall letter and certificate of origin for Canadian import. Please contact us for our current transport schedule before buying or bidding.

Will You Ship Internationally?

International sales are considered on an individual basis, FOB our Iowa location. All RVs offered are compliant with the regulatory requirements of the United States and Canada only. ATTENTION AUSTRALIAN CITIZEN'S, RVs manufactured to meet United States and Canadian regulations CANNOT be modified, after manufacture, to be compliant with current Australian requirements.

Can you provide us with a hitch?

A Reese weight distributing hitch package for a travel trailer is $300 plus $100 for two Reese sway controls. This includes the hitch head and installation at our location. This package does not include the receiver hitch attached to your vehicle, you will want to have that installed prior to arrival. A standard fifth wheel hitch for a long bed is $400 installed, a slider hitch package for a 6.5' bed is $700. Add $100 if you need a brake controller (for most vehicles).

Do you offer financing?

Yes, we do offer financing for U.S. citizens at very competitive rates. You must come to our location for financing to sign loan documents and present ID in person. You can learn more about financing here.

Are your RVs fully prepped and ready to use?

Yes, all of our RVs are fully prepped including full L.P. tanks, RV battery and sewer hose where applicable. All equipment is checked for proper functionality. We also offer a full complete orientation at our location.

Do you take trade-ins?

We will consider RV trades 2010 and newer at expected wholesale auction value. We will need to do a brief phone interview to determine an accurate trade value or you can fill out our trade evaluation form.

Are your RVs Canadian Compliant?

Yes, all of our new RVs are built to meet Canadian standards. We will provide the required bill of sale, no-recall letter and certificate of origin for Canadian import. You can learn more about Canadian import here.