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Please note: We only collect tax, title and license from Iowa and Illinois residents. Our lenders generally require 10% down payment. If you have a trade, you can fill out our trade evaluation form.


Whether you are a family ready to get away on a road trip, or a retiree who is ready to hit the road, we can help you secure RV financing and avoid camper financing scams. Just fill this form below.

RV Financing You Can Trust

Cheyenne Camping Center won’t send you to a shady F&I department; we don’t have one. All you have to do is ask, and your salesperson will pursue low rate financing on your behalf. Cheyenne uses a comparison tool that provides quotes from multiple lenders. The minimum cash down payment is typically 10% and the higher your percentage down and the higher your FICO score is, the more attractive your loan terms will be. We are currently taking loan applications for $10K+ only, we encourage you to contact your local bank or credit union for lesser amounts. 

You are always free to secure financing with your preferred lender; our sales price is the same either way. Many dealers will only honor their listed price if you finance with them. This usually means that you will be subject to a higher interest rate and you will most likely be pushed into longer terms than necessary.

You can apply for financing here or you can also give us a call at 1-800-397-5673 to speak with a member of our sales team.


Avoiding Camper Financing Scams

Beware of Finance and Insurance (F&I) Departments. Many other RV outlets utilize these departments which can be havens for con artists and scams. These are some of the extra features these departments pressure their clients into purchasing:

  • Fabric Protection - RV owners should opt out of adding fabric protection. This is usually a cheap spray (that can be purchased at a local store) that will not last the life of your RV. You would be better off purchasing a good cleaner and spot-clean your fabric as needed.
  • Paint Protection - RV owners can help keep their paint protected, and looking fresh, by washing and waxing it a few times a year. Owners should also get on the roof of their RV to clean and seal it and seal it.
  • Tire & Wheel Protection - These policies always favor the insurance company and it can be difficult to successfully file a claim. Many customers service their tires themselves (keeping them properly inflated) and will occasionally purchase this kind of protection from the same place they regularly purchase tires, at a much cheaper price.
  • Glass Etching - Law enforcement officers will tell you that glass etching will do very little to deter theft or to help in the recovery of a stolen vehicle. However, if you are adamant about having your glass etched, you can do it yourself, for much less money.
  • GAP Insurance - If you have insurance with an agreed-upon value of your RV, then GAP insurance isn’t necessary.
  • Extended Warranty AKA Service Plan or E.S.P. - We sell them for as much as 80% less than our competition and, even at a relatively cheap price for most customers, they are not a good value.

You are generally better off insuring yourself and putting the money you would have used for an E.S.P. into a savings account for future use. If you feel like you need an extended service plan, you can access more information here.