RV mechanic applying sealant caulking

Top 10 RV Maintenance Tips

Keeping up with routine maintenance is essential when you own an RV. Adhering to a strict maintenance schedule and having professionals service your RV ensures it remains in perfect working condition and looks great while cruising down the open road. You can benefit from learning about proper RV maintenance whether you’re shopping for a brand-new RV or looking for ways to pamper an RV you’ve owned for years.

At Cheyenne Camping Center in Walcott, Iowa, we make maintenance advice and service accessible. We offer several service options and have a team of highly qualified RV experts who will advise you on keeping your RV in top shape. Let’s look at 10 top RV maintenance tips, including details on how Cheyenne Camping Center can help you keep your RV looking and functioning beautifully.

RV mechanic applying sealant caulking

Regular Inspections

Inspections are essential, as they tell you whether your RV needs significant service or repair. You can do some inspections yourself every six months or so, such as checking your RV’s seams, seals, and roof for damage. 

Having professional technicians inspect your RV annually is important, as they can identify any problems you may not see. A full yearly inspection helps prevent excessive wear and ensures you can repair damage and issues that may otherwise cause the vehicle to break down.

Engine and Battery Care

Regularly check oil levels and change the oil and oil filters to ensure your RV’s engine stays lubricated and can keep running smoothly and powerfully.

Before every trip, inspect and test your RV’s batteries, check the electrical features, and ensure the ignition works. If the battery isn’t working or leaks fluid, make a service appointment at Cheyenne Camping Center, and our team can install a new one.

Tire Maintenance

You can take several steps to maintain your RV’s tires throughout the year, including checking that the lug nuts are tight before taking a trip. It’s also best to test the tire pressure before each journey and add air to any that need it to protect your RV from tire blowouts that result from uneven tread and over or underinflation. If any tires are deflated or damaged, visit Cheyenne Camping Center to have us check them and determine whether a replacement is necessary.

Seal and Seam Checks

Your RV’s seals and seams keep moisture out of the interior, which is crucial for preserving its longevity. When an RV has faulty or loose seals, water can seep in and cause decay and mold, creating a dangerous environment. Check all the seals and seams on your RV, including those around the doors, windows, and roof, applying sealant or roof tape to any that need a quick repair. For significant damage to the seals and seams, bring your RV in for a service appointment to have one of our experts make repairs.

Plumbing System Maintenance

To ensure you always have running water, even when traveling off the grid, maintain your RV’s plumbing system, including checking the water tanks, water heater, and pipes for bursts or leaks. Use bleach and water to flush out your RV’s fresh water tank and pipes, and use compressed air to clear any pipe blockages. You can also check the sewer system to ensure the holding tank drains properly.

Electrical System Checks

Inspect your RV’s electrical system regularly to prevent hazards such as fires or exposed wiring. To do this, test all your RV’s electrical components, including the smoke detectors and appliances, and look in the areas that house the wiring. Take note of features or appliances that don’t work, and bring your RV in for a service appointment for any necessary repairs.

Appliance Care

Regular maintenance ensures you can continue using your RV’s appliances, such as the stove and refrigerator. Before taking a road trip, test the appliances to ensure they work, and schedule a service appointment if you notice any malfunction. Problems with an RV appliance usually signal a larger issue you’ll need an expert to identify and fix.

Interior and Exterior Cleaning

You can also keep your RV in great shape by keeping it clean. Wipe down all countertops, seating areas, and other interior surfaces. Disinfect areas such as the bathroom and kitchen, and add clean linens to any sleeping arrangements. On the exterior, wash your RV thoroughly with water and a mild cleaning solution, spraying away dirt and debris.


Winterizing an RV is another important part of proper maintenance, especially in an area with cold winters like Iowa. RV winterization involves draining the water tanks, adding antifreeze to the pipes, and covering the vehicle. You also need to de-winterize your RV before using it again when the weather warms up, and this is a great time to do your annual inspection of all your RV’s parts and features. 

Professional Servicing

Excessive damage, such as broken windows and dead batteries, requires professional service. An expert technician will have the knowledge and skills to do the work properly and ensure your RV lasts for years. Cheyenne Camping Center has an incredibly skilled team of service technicians ready to take on any repairs your vehicle might need. 

Maintain Your RV at Cheyenne Camping Center

Use these 10 top RV upkeep best practices to care for your vehicle, whether you have a small toy hauler or a massive Class A motorhome. Regularly maintaining your RV is vital to ensure it stays functional and always looks amazing while you journey. Stay diligent about maintenance to keep your RV in tip-top shape and contact Cheyenne Camping Center for any professional servicing needs or questions. Our team is always available to help you prepare for a lifetime of worry-free RV adventures.